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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> are accused rapist is taken in a busy baltimore neighborhood. >> [inaudible] >> the manhunt is over. >> the search for a suspected rapist ended in mount vernon. the apprehension taskforce picked up earnest clark -- e rnest clark. >> he is being questioned about his whereabouts for a past four weeks. he should never been released from custody. the search ended in mount vernon. the 34-year-old was nabbed by
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the task force as he was walking down the street. people in the area were angry to learn that a paperwork mix up led to his mistaken release. >> as a committee member, this is upsetting. >> clark was serving four years for failing to register as a sex offender. according to court documents, a dna hit link him to the rape. his paperwork got lost during a transfer and he was mistakenly released. the incident was addressed and we were told "we processed more than 14,000 cases a year and this is the first time this has ever happened. we misplaced the papers."
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>> [inaudible] >> clark is now back behind bars where he will answer to the rape charges but his months of mistaken freedom is not sitting well with the community. >> all of the work that stuff went through to get through conviction, all of the years of work, he belongs in jail. >> the sheriff's office tells us that they realized the mistake very quickly after clark was released and immediately contacted the task force. >> hartford county police need your help to find a rape suspect. eugene robinson is accused of forcing a woman into his vehicle. he drove her to a secluded area and raped her. anyone with information on his
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whereabouts is asked to call the hartford crime solvers. >> almost four years after a popular dentist was found beaten to death in his office, two people who are relatives are charged in the case and one of them is a former employee. >> it was considered a cold case but investigators kept the heat on. they kept searching for clues and suspects in the murder of albert woonho. his brother came to the crime scene and talked to us. >> we are shocked beyond all pbelief. >> four years later, indictments and 80 arrest. a grand jury has charged one of
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his former employees with the murder. the indictment indicates a motive. >> i cannot go into the evidence that i can tell you that it alleges a robbery and burglary. >> the search began when he did not come home. he was found inside of his office. the medical examiner determined that he died from blunt force trauma. jeter, one of the suspects, was already in jail. they apprehended another suspect. city police found another man bleeding from a gunshot wound to the head. they watched jeter run away after a shooting. the county had planned to put
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him on trial for the murder of the dentist. >> when police first had the case, there were no suspects and it took years of falling leaves and talking to witnesses and looking at the physical evidence to finally develop enough evidence and we give the cold case unit a lot of credit. hop>> the suspect is scheduled o appear in court on monday. an update on the terror attack in uganda which left a howard county teenager injured. four west have been made. investigators showed off a suicide of best indicating that another attack had been planned. 70 people were left dead including americans from delaware. among the injured, a teenager from a pennsylvania-based church group.
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her parents were believed to have been by her side. in our commitment 2010 report, two major polls show martin o'malley in a dead heat with bob ehrlich. the latest today from public policy polling show o'malley up 3%. >> one sign that the race is heating up are the political science that are popping up everywhere. you cannot miss them. they are everywhere. it is the size of one posted outside of a home that is getting a lot of attention. >> it was once 18 by 4 feet. >> this man supports bob ehrlich and he wants everyone to know about it. >> i put the sign up just have -- just after he announced he was running. >> political signs can be no
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more than 8 square feet. >> the sign is not bothering anyone. i don't think anyone around here has a problem. >> this is the legal. >> a local democrat and an amount a supporter has a problem with that and then called the county. he was slightly motivated by politics but he says the lot is the law. >> that is why they make the laws. >> a violation was taped to his door. >> it is $200 a day if i removed the sign. >> he got creative and it cut the sign into four parts and he put it back up. he says he has gotten no response from the county but he is willing to put up a fight. >> i will fight as long as i can. >> we made several cars to the county director -- calls to the county director to find out if he was still in violation but
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those calls have not been returned. political signs outside of businesses can be no larger than 50 square feet and 50 feet high. you can go to our website for all you need to know. >> now to the crisis on the coast, testing is set to begin at any time on the containment cap. bp is conducting an pressure test to see if the cap is actually stopping the flow. if the oil is stopped, this will serve as a temporary fix until the drilling of relief wells is complete. it will also reveal if it is possible to shut it off during bad weather. the cap is much larger than the previous one installed last
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month. if progress continues to be made, the leak could be stopped possibly as soon as mid august. >> you can love them, you can hate them or be somewhere in between, he is perhaps the most successful sports team owner in history. many are mourning the death of george steinbrenner. he turned the team into a billion dollars sports empire winning seven world series championships. he died of a heart attack. he was 80 years old. the orioles owner stated "the orioles are saddened to learn of the death of george steinbrenner. his name is as synonymous with the new york yankees as any of the legendary athletes who have played in pinstripes. on behalf of the orioles'
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organization, i express my condolences to his wife and to the members of his family." will have highlights from the annual all-star game plus more reaction to the passing of steinbrenner. >> president obama is one step closer to seeing the financial overhaul bill on his desk. >> wall street continues to surge. we will tell you what was behind the gains. >> i have a son that is disabled and i have a sound that is on his way to college. >> that much more going on, you would have a hard time finding someone else who deserved a prize. >> heavy rain and our area. we will track those rains in our area. paul and 73 degrees, 90%
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humidity in our area. -- 73 degrees, 90% humidity in our area. our area.
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>> shares welcome to paulette evinced a day. -- cheers welcomed paula evans today. she won a million dollar lottery. her friends say she is the perfect person to win the prize. >> another strong rally to end of the day on wall street. some good news on the global economic front helped the dow closed up. thpresident obama secured the votes needed to pass the
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sweeping financial overhaul bill. passage in the senate would send the bill to president obama's desk. >you probably remember we were dealing with record snowfalls and treacherous road conditions. >> during it all, the cars rented up -- ended up on the wrong end of a fire truck. the city refuses to pay for the damage. >> on february 9th, the snow was fierce and the roads treacherous. parked cars were vulnerable. just ask cathy hamilton about what happened to her cadillac. >> this hit my car. a damaged my car and it got to stuck in the middle of the street. >> that was not the only car
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that got hit. >> my son came in and said a fire engine just take your car. >> these women both say they contacted the city and filed claims. both said they got letters from the city that said that they would investigate. they also were to submit estimates. >> this is costing me for the time and effort to get estimates. some of them are kind of high. i did not want to send them in. i went around to get extra estimates. i wanted to be reasonable with sending my damages in. >> her estimates were about $1,200 and hamilton's ranged from $2,000 to $3,000. >> "it has been determined that the mayor and city council is not responsible for your damages." >> they say that this is based
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on long that sliding or skating is not evidence of negligence. it goes on, the court of appeals has consistently ruled this way. the city supports two cases. >> when you ask questions, you expect answers. we did not get these. they just gave us a big runaround. their answer was to turn it into our insurance company. >> they are responsible, they should take care of the damages. >> this man calls himself the injury lawyer. he has defended people and hundreds of accidents. we asked him about the cases. what is the strategy here? >> whether they did anything wrong or not, that is not their real motives. their real motives is to persuade people away from actually taking them to court. >> i wonder how many other people this happened to.
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>> so did we. the mayor's office reported that there was 120 claims during the storm and 15 of them were between fire and emergency vehicles and a parked car. at of the 127 claims filed, 45 have been denied and 458 are under review. >> this does not amount to negligence. >> the city says that the fire trucks had to fire chains on their rear wheels. in the field goal was clearing and residential streets so an ambulance -- the vehicle was clearing a residential street so an ambulance could get through. >> every time we pay a claim it comes out of the taxpayer funds. those taxpayers should only pay claims for the city caused the damage. >> the city did cause the
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damage. it was a city fire truck. >> hamilton and award might not like the response from the city but they can appeal the denial. >> they can also go to their insurance carrier and submit a claim and then have the insurance carrier chase after us. >> they can also sue. what do you say to those who say you should just do the right thing? >> the point of view is to always pay people and we don't agree with that. we are here to pay people who are injured by our negligent conduct. >> both ladies say that they feel that the mayor and city council need to rethink things. >> i would appreciate it if you would pay for the damage to my car. since we spoke with kathy hamilton, she had her car repaired. her insurance to cover most of it but she had to pay a five on
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a dollar deductible. she said she is concerned now and her entrance way to go up. -- her insurance to cover most of it but she had to pay a $500 deductible. >> now your forecast. >> the showers and thunderstorms continue to push across our region bring some much-needed rain. we are moving quickly. you can see the showers loaded with lightning. there is an and their area of thunder coming across virginia to washington, d.c.. the rain, there's plenty of that to go around. it tapers off to just rainshowers, not much thunder out in western maryland. a little bit more thunder and then some showery weather through the early morning. flood watches are up until 6:00 tomorrow morning.
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this is for a large section of central maryland from cecil to hertford county. it has expanded into southern maryland. some areas out and west virginia are under borings -- under warnings. downtown baltimore, an inch of rain. of that is adding up to some pretty good rainfall totals. this is really starting to see a surplus for the month. we are almost half an inch above normal at the airport. the rain is helping out. 81 degrees in southern maryland. we have called in to the low to mid '70's to the north. -- cooled to the low to mid 70's to the north. it is a slow-moving front. it is creeping south again. this is the front that will come
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through here tomorrow and trigger another round of showers and storms. there is some heat building up. parts of kansas into eastern colorado. we have this depicted as a cool front. there is a lot of warm air coming in. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms in the area. look at the way the skies cleared out tomorrow night. we have a line of storms northwest of pittsburgh likely to get here for the start of the weekend. tomorrow, 87-92 and quite humid. storms in the mountains, for a while in the early morning. another chance for the rest of the day as the skies began to clear. off and on showers and storms
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into the afternoon. the lower eastern shore, it will be about 83 on the beach. we will hit 90 tomorrow but look how hot it gets. 95 thursday, 96 on friday. thunderstorms, saturday. sunday looks like the best weekend day. >> a change in the training camp routine but you will not see this until the first practice. we will tell you why next in sports. >> the jackpot is an estimated $52 million. you must match all five white balls. good luck. our first number tonight is 14-
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7-11-15-34-14. if no one matches the numbers,
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>> for 13 straight years, the 13 american league has given the national league and in four year the complex. -- the national league has given the american league of inferiority complex. we thought perhaps these highlights would reflect one of the oriole's night and anaheim. the american league manager put in a pinch hitter. the hero of the game right now is from atlanta. a seventh inning double. the national league's 3-1 in the bottom of the eighhth.
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george steinbrenner's suffered a heart attack early this morning. -- george steinbrenner suffered a heart attack early this morning. he was honored today at the all- star game. he bought the yankees for only $10 million. he left behind a team that is worth more than $10 billion. he set the spending bar on salaries in baseball. you might not know the name of the owner of the a's or the brewers but everyone knew the name of the owner of the new york yankees. >> we had bets on a high of state and michigan football games. i have been in trouble a couple of times. i have film commercials with him when he was dancing. it is tough because he is more than just an honor to me, he is
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a friend of mine. -- an owner to me, he is a friend of mine. >> the ravens will open training camp. autographs will be the exclusive domain of kids. there are new policies for training camp. they will only sign autographs for children ages 6-15 and only after the morning practice. no adults. the team president says that they have adopted this policy because in recent years, large crowds of fans pushing and shoving have put too many kids at risk of injury during the autograph session. they will get a wristband that will give them access to the autograph area. the french media is angry at tiger woods who was angry and
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throwing clubs. he is trying to become a better player and a better person, he said. he will change the putter he will use for the first time in 11 years. he will use a new 90 butter. if he wins, this will likely lead to madness for nike sales. >> i have always struggled on slow breaks. i always do better on faster greens. this comes off faster. this rolls the ball better and faster. these screens, i have had to make very little adjustment. -- these greens. >> i had been missing that technology. stick around, we will have
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>> some heavy showers and storms rolling through tomorrow. this brings the heat back and a chance for a thunderstorm again on saturday. this might turn a little bit less humid on sunday. >> thank you for joining us. if you missed any of the newscast, we have a rebroadcast for you on midnight. >> tonight.
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.


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